Cycle path Granbergsdalsrundan

Cycle path from Karlskoga to historical Grandbergsdal
24 km cycle path.
All cycle paths in Karlskoga are marked with a blue rectangular sign with a bike on.

Follow Katrinedalsgatan to the east. At the roundabout at Skolgärdet take left and follow Boåsvägen to Filipstadsvägen. Turn right towards E18. Cross the E18 at the traffi c lights.
In the district of Rosendal you can see the old houses where the industrial workers lived from 1913. It was a high status area to live in and fi nest was to have a two-room apartment.
Today, the apartments are rebuilt, but no major exterior changes have been made. The whole area has a high cultural historical value. Gråbo - Memorial Museum and Korpkullen, is also located here.

Follow Noravägen to Lerängen where you turn left to Granbergsdal. At Granbergsdal´s hytta you can have coffee during summertime. Continue on the gravel road to Öfalla, turn right towards Karlskoga.
At Forsnästorpsbron, turn left towards Immetorp. Continue on Immetorpsvägen to E 18 and then cross Svartälven, turn down under the bridge and cycle along the river.
On the small cycle path, turn right and you will arrive in a residential area. After that you reach Sandviksbadet and Backa beach. Follow the blue signs to the center of Karlskoga.
Municipality: Karlskoga
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