Cycle path Hyttleden

Cycle path starting from Karlskoga centrum
Hyttleden, 47 km
All Karlskoga´s cycling routes start at Alfred Nobel's Torg and are marked with blue signs with a bicycle.

At the beginning, the road is quite flat with beautiful cultural countryside. You will pass the airport and the village of Kilsta. At Äspedalen the road makes an 90 degree turn. After a while, there is a road barrier which is closed 15/9 - 1/5, but continue
you straight on a winding beautiful road, which eventually is following the shore of the lake Lonnen - the first lake in the water system "Bergslagkanalen". Lunnedet becomes a natural resting place with access to swim, food, coffee and things worth seeing
as the water gates and the 700 year old oak-tree. The old stone houses is open during summertime with shop, exhibitions, forge and a mill. The route continues to Lonnhyttan, where a blast furnace once existed at the waterfall.
Continue towards Torpskog along the valley of the river Kedjan and then towards Tavlan, a small village with a chapel and bell tower. Turn left at Tavlan and follow Lokavägen up on the boulder-ridge which goes steep down in some places.
Take left towards Västra Kärne. In the cultivated areas between Västra and Östra Kärne, the boulder-ridge becomes flatter and wider. Here you can see traces of the inland ice.
When it began to melt, it sometimes dropped large ice pieces, which were buried in gravel and sludge.

The holes that emerged when the ice melted is called dead ice hollows. In such big hollows you find the lakes Östern, Västern and Tiljern. Pass over road 205 and continue towards Östra Kärne. You will pass the old mansions from the mining industry period, typical of Karlskoga's settlements from the 16th to the 19th century (In swedish “Bergsmanstiden”). The valley of Lerälven with fields and meadows is typical of the cultivated areas of Karlskoga. In Granbergsdal there is a blast furnace, which was put into operation in 1642.
After a number of renovations and improvements it was in use until 1925. Here you can have coffee during summertime, and if you are a bit adventurous you can spend the night in a sleeping chamber used by the workers in older days.
Continue towards Karlskoga, passing Granbergsdal's school on the right. When you arrive at Lerängen, continue on road 243 which turns into Noravägen when you enter Karlskoga. Finally, follow the sign to the center of Karlskoga.
Cykelled Hyttleden
Municipality: Karlskoga
Kilsta - Lunedet - Knappfors - Lonnhyttan - Kedjans dalgång - Tavlan - Lokaåsen - Västra och Östra Kärne - Malmhöjden - Lerälvens dalgång - Granbergsdal - Älgåsen - Björkborn - Karlskoga Deanery
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