Kärne - Nature reserve

The nature reserve Kärne was formed 31 October 2016 and is situated 13 km north of Karlskoga.
The nature reserve consists of a wooded mountain dominated by green stone. The old coniferous forest has been cultivated by logging but has most likely never been clear cut. The history of the forest together with the alkaline rock makes the area very suitable for rare mushrooms, for example​ brödtaggsvamp, koppartaggsvamp, gul taggsvamp, luddticka, druvfingersvamp and violspindling. The area contains of great value that is connected to old-growth forest, for example dead wood and old coniferous- and deciduous trees. Different
varieties of mushrooms, lichen and bryophyte can be found on dead wood and old trees. When an ecological stocktaking was made it was found that the rare three-toed woodpecker had its territory in the area. Species of bryophyte and tracheophyte, wich demands alkaline to grow, can also be found in this area.

For more information please visit:http://www.lansstyrelsen.se/Orebro/Sv/djur-och-natur/skyddad-natur/naturreservat-och-nationalparker/sevarda-naturmiljoer/karlskoga/karne/Pages/default.aspx.
Länsstyrelsen i Örebro län
Stortorget 22
701 86 Örebro
Kärne Naturreservat
Kärne Sjöändan
691 91 Karlskoga
Municipality: Karlskoga
Reservatet består av en gammal barr- och lövskog på kalkrik mark, med en rik svamp-, lav-, växt- och mossflora.
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