Rent your own fishing lake!

Rent your own fishing lake for a day!
Kedjeåsens Uteliv offers rental lakes, experiences and events in an exciting wilderness environment for companies and groups. Unique fishing for coarse rainbow trout, here is also one of Sweden's best char water, an exclusive fishing opportunity that is normally only found in the mountains. Accommodation is of varying nature - from the simple cottage to a fully equipped cottage with modern facilities. You can also choose accommodation in a facility where the big forest is your only really close neighbor. Opportunities are also available for serving.

Conference in a magnificent forest environment with a stunning view from Jungfruboda. Choose from different activities where, in addition to fishing, there is also the opportunity to, for example guided tours.

Upon request, complete fishing equipment is rented out.
Kedjeåsens Uteliv
Hållsjöhyttan 807
691 91 Karlskoga
Municipality: Karlskoga
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