Trehörningen - Nature reserve

Forests, lakes and marshes - it's nature that rules! Go out for a walk in the wilderness and let the great silence make you feel calm and peaceful.
The reserve extends around the tarnsTrehörningen and Ljustjärnen. The landscape is hilly and there are plenty of boulders in all sizes.
In the area you can find wet hollows where humidity is very high. Around the tarn Trehörningen you will find marches with pine and Marsh Labrador Tea. In the forest which is covered by bryophyte you can find the small orchid called Goodyera repens, or more commonly known as Creeping lady's-tresses. It is a green underground creeper that sends out occasional skinny stems above the surface. In the midsummer it blooms with small white, scented flowers.

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Municipality: Karlskoga
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