Baptista Schreiber

Circus primadonna with a successful artist's life on the world's top circus arenas.

When Baptista Schreiber settled in Karlskoga in 1929, after a successful life at the world's premier circus arenas, it came to be a long and mutual relationship for her and the people of Karlskoga. Here, her and her husband Chuy the line dancer and his brother Manuel, found winter grounds for their touring circus Mijares-Schreiber. 

Karlskoga suddenly became the target for exotic performances by acrobats, jazz musicians and belly dancers who came to relax from the demanding life in the circus and to train for the upcoming circus seasons in the permanent circus building the couple Mijares-Schreiber built in 1932 near their own home. The house remains to this day but the circus building was demolished in 1958 to great loss of an entire generation who experienced the era Schreiber - or "Skräjber"  as they say in Karlskoga.

From the book: Sällsamheter i Värmland del 2 – Margareta Hjorth, Gudrun Vahlquist (Rabén & Sjögren 1984)

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