Karlskoga and Degerfors

Surrounded by beautiful nature, forests and numerous lakes, Karlskoga and Degerfors are, for many, the perfect destination for recreation of all kinds. At each end of Lake Möckeln, with a distance of 10 km between lies Karlskoga and Degerfors. Swimming, fishing, hiking and canoe trails, it’s all nearby. The regions are characterized by their history of the iron industry that begun in the 17th century. Alfred Nobel, Sweden´s most famous person spent the summers of his last years in life here. He had recently bought AB Bofors Björkborn and the purchase agreement included the Björkborn Mansion which is now a museum dedicated to Nobel Prize founder. Rumour has it that Nobel himself welcomes the visitors sometimes.

In Granbergsdal history is very much alive. There is a smelting house which was founded in 1642 that is still active today. The “smelting-week” is the highlight of the year, but the smelting house is worth a visit throughout the year.

If you are an adventure-seeker, Boda Borg is the place for you. At Boda Borg, visitors of all ages are challenged and you are guaranteed a fun moment. This summer they take the adventure to Näset and the beach of Lake Möckeln to continue the adventures on water.

In Degerfors municipality you’re always close to water and magnificent scenery. Here are the lakes Möckeln, Skagern, Ölen, Storbjörken, and Lillbjörken. There are great opportunities for fishing- and nature life. We have river Letälven which runs through the municipality from Lake Mockeln to Lake Skagern. In Degerfors you can take a hiking tour in Sveafallen or any of our easily accessible natural areas. You can also go on a trolley tour, dance in the People’s park, listen to Degerfors Music Corps and watch exiting soccer at Stora Valla stadium.

The workers’ musem in Gråbo will take you on a nostalgic trip to three Swedish workers’ homes from 1885, 1918, and 1942. The fascinating environment will provide unique insight into the woman’s working environment as it was then – the home.

The building was built in the 1870s. At some occasions, as many as nine families lived in the building at the same time.